Data breaches are inevitable.


In March 2021 personal information from 553 million Facebook accounts were sold to a public forum.


Facebook did not face any consequences for this negligence. This is but the tip of the data theft (and surveillance) iceberg. 

Fanned cards.jpg


Jack is an app-come-people's collective that actively fights online surveillance by flooding the internet with random information - effectively creating false doppelgängers.


This project promotes Jack through one stage of its brand strategy: the launch party. Here, participants receive a mysterious invite to a game of Black Jack. However, they quickly realise the game is not as it seems.


By the end the participants (who are, by now, alarmed) are shown how to fight back and beat surveillance at its own game.


This is intended to trigger ambassadorship of the movement beyond the screen.

Jack Strategy

The following is the pitch deck I created to promote the event proceedings. 

I chose to frame it as a 'choose your own adventure', but unfortunately the interactive buttons don't transfer easily to web viewing.


(Hopefully you still get the gist)